At liveLife@Home, our aim is to help people grow older at home. We accomplish this by providing a comprehensive home safety and accessibility assessment by a licensed occupational therapist who is also an aging in place specialist. You will receive recommendations specific to your needs that may include home modifications, adaptive equipment to ease activities of daily living, behavioral changes, and/or fall prevention strategies.

We help people who want to maintain their independence and safely age at home and the caregivers who support them.

The biggest mistake people make is to wait for a crisis to happen (ex. a disabling fall) before making changes to the home. The caregivers are left scrambling for answers and don’t know where to turn. A few changes to the home now can enable a person to live safely and independently for years to come.

We serve the Denver metro area and surrounding areas.

In Home Occupational Therapy

Comprehensive Home Safety and Accessibility Assessment

The occupational therapist will analyze the areas of the home that can be modified to accommodate the changing needs of the person.

De-cluttering Ideas

The occupational therapist and the client work together to discuss home modifications.

Fall Prevention

Occupational therapist performs a functional assessment to reduce the risk of falls.

Daily Activities

Occupational therapist recommends ways to simplify the work space.

Occupational Therapist

Nancy Dillinger, OTR/L

Founder of liveLife@Home, LLC

Master of Occupational Therapy, Texas Woman’s University, 1996
Registered and Licensed Occupational Therapist, OTR/L since 1996

Occupational Therapist Denver, CO

My mission is to help people of all ages and abilities optimize their living space: how to move in it, function in it, be safe in it, and when there are problems, identify and remove the barriers that compromise it.

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  • When a person wants to age at home, there are ways to make it easier for the person to get into the bathroom or shower, reach the frequently used items in the kitchen, or get up the stairs to go to bed.
  • The therapist will find ways to "fall proof" the home. A serious fall is the number one threat to an older person’s independence and ability to stay living at home.
  • You can expect to go room by room with the occupational therapist while she observes you step in/out of the shower, get out of bed, or climb the stairs. She will listen to your wants and needs and come up with simple to complex ideas and short term versus long term solutions that will improve the safety and accessibility of the home.
  • The occupational therapist will provide a list of recommendations that include strategies for widening pathways/doorways, removing trip hazards, installing bathroom equipment, adding light to areas, re-organizing cabinets, adaptive aids to daily living, and reputable contractors who can do the work.
  • Every situation is different and the therapist draws upon 28 years of experience to tailor solutions that are just right for the person.

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If you would like to schedule home safety and accessibility assessment or have questions about our service, contact us today.

The cost is $250 for a 1.5 hour visit. If it takes less time than that, the cost will be pro-rated.

Occupational therapy services are provided in the Denver metro area